“I can’t run anymore.”
“It’s too hot.”
“I’m getting tired.”

… and the next thing you do is probably stop exercising and go home thinking, “I will work out more next time.”

But did you really push yourself to your limit?

Probably not. You are capable of doing more than you think you can.

Negative emotions that you feel during work outs are signals from your brain. Before the body really reaches its limit and shuts down, your brain warns you to stop exercising by causing pain or fatigue. However, it is just like your cell phone when it constantly beeps to let you know that the battery is running out soon. But we all know our phones are still good for a few more calls or text messages before it shuts off.

Don’t let your emotions control yourself. Your mind is the conductor.

Tell your body that you can go farther and do more. Tell your body you are strong and you are going to be ok. Before you start exercising, visualize yourself enjoying the workout, and even yourself feeling satisfied after you accomplish the goal you set for the day.

If it’s too hard to focus and motivate yourself on your own,

a private trainer or friends can be the best help. They can help push you pass your own limits. And eventually, you won’t need anyone to help you bring yourself to the max.

Your body works for your mind, so stay positive and believe in yourself. You have to inspire yourself to keep going! Then the results you are working for will be attainable!