Don’t have access to free weights or machines? No problem! Using your own body weight to do exercises (like the workouts we do at Bootique) can yield the same, or better, results than what you get with weights and machines. Bodyweight exercises are just going back to basics. Squats, push ups, burpees, lunges, planks; the list goes on and on. We know how effective these workouts can be, but why can bodyweight be better than other types of workouts?

No Wastin’ Time

Less time, more intensity, easy transition. We all have busy schedules. Bodyweight exercises can increase your fitness level and strength in less time then you spend sitting in traffic! Research has shown more intense workouts in shorter periods of time increases heart rate level to burn more calories. With no time spent on moving from one machine to the next (allowing your heart rate to drop), your heart rate can stay elevated. Another time saver? Cardio and strength training are combined into one. With burpees and jumping jacks for cardio, pushups and squats for strength, no time is wasted!

One Size Fits ALL

Another great thing about bodyweight workouts? There is a workout for everyone based on your own level! Whether you are dealing with an injuring, need a modification to meet your current level of fitness, or need an extra challenge – there’s something for everyone. You can change a whole workout just by adding reps, moving faster or slower, increasing your range of motion… Bodyweight workouts are easy to change the level of intensity and challenge to meet your individual goals.

To The Core

We all know how important our core strength is. It helps prevent injury, improves posture, and increases the endurance for every other exercise you do. Plank and ab movements are just some of the exercises that improve our core. If you google core strength workouts, most if not all of what comes up are bodyweight exercises!

Spice It Up!

You will never get bored with bodyweight workouts. There is always something new to add to the basic movements. Oh, you side plank? Add a dip and leg extension. Hello! You squat? Add a jump to it or a Tabata of burpees. Any way you slice it, there’s always room for more workout recipes. As you can see, there is no need for extra free weights or machinery when you already have your own machine – your body! Work it to its highest capacity with bodyweight workouts, fuel it with clean eating, and you’ll be one smooth operating machine in no time!