With Memorial Day just around the corner, so is warmer weather and bikinis!? Whether you are beaching it or lying by the pool, we want to look and feel our best. When it comes to “crunch time”, we sometimes want to take drastic measures to slim down and lose as much weight as possible. There are healthy ways to get to these goals (Memorial Day Melt Off anyone?!), so we want to avoid the not-so-healthy ways to getting fit.

Ravenous? – Do not starve yourself into a swimsuit. Not eating (or even not eating as many calories as your supposed to) will initially make you drop water weight, but eventually your body will go into starvation mode and hang onto every calorie you put it; leading to more weight gain. Feed your body the proper foods to gain energy, muscle, and fuel for your workouts. You won’t be hungry and your body will slim down and tone up the proper and healthy way.

Mental Scale – Although weighing yourself can help us keep track of where we are and our future goals, weighing ourselves too much can mess with our heads and confidence. Try weighing in once a week instead of everyday (or multiple times a day). You’ll keep a healthy track of where you are while not letting the scale dictate your motivation!

If You Can’t Say Something Nice… – Negative self-talk can make or break us. Be nice to yourself! Tell yourself how amazing you are doing by getting up and out there to workout. Give yourself props when you choose something healthy over the cake in the break room at work. The more positive words that are in your own head, the more positive the results will be.

Quick Fix – Say “no” to diet pills or a fad diet. It seems tempting to use a product that advertises a simple and fast way to weight loss or toning; but we all know the end to this story. Keep up with your healthy diet and exercise routine, and never again will you have to debate a quick fix.

Too Much of a Good Thing – We want to get it all that exercise that we missed out on the past couple months; not realizing how quickly the summer is approaching! Trying to pack in all that exercise can lead to over-training. Remember, although it’s good to sweat and amp up your effort, your body needs proper rest and nutrition to build back up.

You Were Born Bikini Ready!

A lot of us won’t go out in our swimsuit or enjoy the water because we feel we aren’t “Swimsuit/Bikini ready”. You want the truth? We are all swimsuit ready. Don’t let a certain weight goal or self-doubt take away the joy of the summer sun. Everyone is in a different place in their fitness and we are all a work in progress! No matter your body shape, put on that swimsuit and enjoy the season.