There are more times than not when we tend to “live in the shadows”; aka focusing on the “can’t” instead of the “can”. Think about all the times, at work, home or working out, when you felt less than; the times you compared yourself to others. We’ve ALL done it, but what did it get accomplished? Of course, we all want to better ourselves, and recognize what we have to work on, but positive thoughts and actions make change, not the negative ones. When can you shine more light on yourself and step out of the shadows?

“I Did It?!”

Yes, you did and you still are! Remember when you could barely do one push-up, or the thought of showing up at a workout class more than once made you anxious?

Look at that ways you have grown. You’ve pushed yourself out of the comfort zone and into the “constant improving” zone. Unfortunately, with growth, come growing pains. Once you’ve accomplished something, let’s say running a mile or doing 10 burpees without stopping, you automatically place yourself at the bottom of the next goal. “Ya, I can do 10 burpees, but I can’t do 30 like ‘so and so’”, or “I ran a mile, but it was SO slow”.

Placing your fitness accomplishments in the shadows will only take you back to square one. Think back to when you came home, sat on the couch, and only WISHED you could run even a few minutes without stopping; or remember when you didn’t even know what a burpee was? Flip the script! Reframe how far you’ve come instead of kicking it in the shins.

Not only is this mentally more healthy, but it will keep pushing you far beyond what you thought your body could do. Easier said than done? Get visual. Look at pictures of yourself when you weren’t working out. Don’t look necessarily at weight loss, but remember how you FELT during this time. Take pride and take a step into the light, knowing you have grown and are living life like you’ve always wanted to. You’re on the journey; there is no stop and no destination, just accomplishments and celebrations!

Different Shades of Light

Your best is going to look different all the time. One day you will do kettlebells and kick butt on the 45 lbs; the next time you can barely lift that kettlebell, but you did a killer ab sesh.

Your best shines through at different times, days, moments, and stages of our lives. Comparison to others is not welcomed in the light. We can compare ourselves to so many people and come up with only negative feelings. “Why can’t I do this work out as well as she is? Everyone else is doing so well, why aren’t I?” Notice the “not’s”?

These are the shadows that devalue your fitness accomplishments! Remember, one day to the next, you will overcome and succeed and so many different things; but you may not realize them until later. Focus, surround yourself with encouraging people, and shine your kaleidoscope of light on everyone around you; who knows who YOU will inspire along the way.