I’ve heard people who would rather run a marathon barefoot on rocky gravel naked than do burpees. Just hearing the word “burpee” makes their skin crawl and their insides shudder. This all may or may not be stretching the truth by way of dramatics, but it shows how much this is a dreaded exercise.

Why then, do we ask you do it? Why does anyone do it, other than because your SD Bootcamp trainer tells you to? And WHY do ALL fitness coaches insist on incorporating the profane “b” word into workouts?

Unfortunately for my comrades on the anti-burpee train, the up-down-jump is arguably the most beneficial, shoulder-chiseling, leg-toning, muffin-top fighting move around. Dang.

Here’s Why Burpees in Boot Camp are so Effective:

The familiar up down followed by a jump motion gets your heart rate up, quickens your breathing and burns those calories and extra lbs. All of this hard work boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories the rest of the day! An exercise that works even after I’m done? Um, yes please.

Burpees are cardio killers… as in murdering the elliptical and stationary bike in results! The constant movement and the fast and high increase of your heart rate (see above) will have you kicking the treadmill to the curb when you notice your killer conditioning results.

Full body and workout and you can do them anywhere. Can anything be better? I mean, I don’t want to admit it either, but a full body- literally every muscle group-and portable. For anyone who travels regularly or has a busy schedule and an hour workout just isn’t penciled in, this is the exercise for you.

Hopefully after learning more about the burpee you now have a heart that isn’t two sizes too small towards the love to hate exercise. They are hard, but positivity comes out of a challenge. You can rise to it and beat the mental fear of the beneficial burpees. Boot Camp wouldn’t be the same without them.