We’ve heard it time and time again; just show up and the rest will follow. Meaning, just come to class, the gym, or meet your friend for the workout, and the workout will just happen. This is true to an extent.

Yes you are there physically, and you will follow the workout set by the trainer, you will get on the treadmill and press the start button, or you will encounter your friend and start off on a jog with him/her.

But, are you giving it your all? Are you worrying about how you look in your workout wear, how you look during a certain exercise, or thinking that you can’t push yourself to that level?

How can you be present and give your all in each workout?

Less is more

When you work out, we all know that form is key. Without proper form, injury is more likely; and you may not even work the muscles or part of the body you want to work – improper form is ineffective. When doing a new workout or exercise, make sure a certified personal trainer, like we have at Bootique, shows you the proper technique. If you can only do 8-10 proper squats, that is more effective than doing 25 improper ones. Doing a set of 10 great push-ups (an amount you can do properly) is more beneficial to your body than 20 sloppy ones.

Who do you surround yourself around?

Giving it 100% will be much easier when you have positive and supportive people around you. When you meet your running partner or workout buddy, are they just going through the motions, or are they working out at their highest potential too? Are they encouraging you to keep going or make excuses to stop early? Everyone has their bad days; the days that it seems much more difficult emotionally and physically to make the time to get your workout in – and if the people working out with you aren’t giving it their all too, it can affect your motivation to give it everything you’ve got. Check in with your workout buddy before and let them know you are ready to rumble. If they aren’t feeling up to it, go to it solo or check in with someone else who you know will give it their best; and that will push you at the same time.

How do you see you?

Giving it your all in the workout starts with your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Are talking to yourself in a positive way? If you are already thinking:, “It’s SO hot today, there is no way I’m going to be able to run as much and as fast as I want”, or, “All these other people working out are barely struggling, I’ll look really bad working out around them”, then your 100% already went down to 50%. Seeing yourself already as “less than” or talking to yourself in a defeating way; you’re already defining yourself as not capable and not athletic. Before you even show up at the gym or boot camp, your mind and self-talk needs to be at 100%. “I may not feel super ready yet, but I’m going to go out there and sweat like crazy”, or “I killed it last class with my push-ups, I’m going to do it harder and faster this time”.

Talking to yourself like athlete will make your body do that work. Positive self-talk is like the studying before taking a test. If you go into the test without even looking at the material, yes you are in class and taking the test, but you can’t give your all. If you show up to a workout without your mental preparation, you’ve set yourself up for a workout where you know you could’ve given it your best.

Proper form, support, and positive self-talk are just some of the ways you can give it your all in every workout you do. Why show up to only give part of your effort? This is your time to shine, so show yourself what you can do; 100% of the time!