How to stay active during the winter

Winter will soon be here and it’s a time where animals (including humans) tend to go into hibernation. It’s so easy to head outdoors when it’s a warm 80 degrees; but what about when it’s 55 degrees, windy, and dark? The thought of snuggling with our loved ones, our doggies, or favorite Lullababes blanket, beckon perhaps a bit more loudly than the brisk outdoors!

Here are some tricks that will treat you to a slimmer, healthier you while you brave the brrr!

I thought I’d start off with the fun stuff first:

    1. An excuse to go shopping! If you don’t already have these, you may want to purchase a workout jacket and pants. In order to be prepared to step outside, you will want to be dressed warmly. It might be a good time to look for something now at a discounted price while the weather is still warm.

  1. Choose your mindset. Remember when you liked playing out as a child? It didn’t really matter what the weather was like, as long as you were outside! Think of it as an opportunity to be adventurous: a trip to Julian trudging in the snow or building snow-women (ha!) can burn 215 calories an hour. It might be justification for you to go on that snowboarding trip–combining a mini-vacation with an excellent cardio workout.
  2. Be a homebody–workout at home! Not only can you add some spice to your workout routine by trying one of our online workouts on our blog, but you’ve given yourself the gift of time by not having to drive anywhere!
  3. Set BIG goals or little goals or both. Fall is here and while winter nears, we have nearly five months of colder weather. Perhaps there is a larger goal you can set for yourself by starting with the phrase, “In five months, when Spring is springing, I will have accomplished…”
  4. Avoid the holiday gain: Holiday treats offer an incentive for you to continue your fitness routines while working out through the foodie holidays: Halloween’s candy corn, Thanksgiving’s stuffing, Christmas cookies–and lest we forget–New Year’s Eve concoctions not only add additional calories, but it can be a slothful time of year.

Keep your muscles active and your heart rate up during the winter months. Make a commitment to exercise throughout the holidays and you will look and feel amazing in your holiday cocktail dresses!