Be summertime savvy and swim past those temptations

Summer is officially here and we are heading into BBQ, bathing suit, and vacation mode! To keep up our healthy habits and strong bodies, we still need to make healthy choices; even at a party or on vacation.

Here are some summertime suggestions to keep you on track without feeling deprived.

Good Luck, Pot Luck

We’ve all been here. Everyone brings a dish to share, and we are only imagining how many calories are in it and the dishes we ‘CAN’T’ have. You are in control here! Make sure you bring a dish or two to share that’s made from healthy ingredients you know you can eat, that you CHOOSE to eat.

Greek yogurt based dips and veggies instead of chips and sour cream based dips, fresh fruit or cold veggie salad instead of potato salad with mayo. Not only will you eat healthier, but you’ll get other friends and family on board with fresh and healthy dishes!


I know, I know. You are on vacation and you don’t want to think about working out. Guess what? You don’t have to think about it when you incorporate it into something fun for everyone! Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing, body boarding, walk/run on the beach – there are so many activities to choose from you’ll feel you aren’t “working out”. Too hot to be outdoors? That’s what those tabatas and body weight workouts are for! Look up some Bootique videos and workout in the cool AC, or utilize the indoor equipment or pool. You’ll still be moving and will have more energy to last for your whole vacation.

Water Works

Summertime is a hot time, so make sure you stay hydrated with water. The occasional skinny version margarita or low-cal beverage is okay, but alcohol can make you more dehydrated. When we are dehydrated, we can cross signals to think we are hungry, and may eat instead of drink; add this to heat from the summer sun and it’s not a good combo! Make sure to always carry a water bottle with you in the car, at the beach, and especially during your workouts. It’s a hot one!

Make time to relax and have fun this summer without sacrificing all your hard work! You’ll be happy you did once Fall comes along, and you’ve waded through your vacation, BBQs, and parties without giving into the temptations. Happy summer!!