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Avoid the Post-Thanksgiving Guilt

By |2019-11-19T21:17:30-08:00November 29th, 2019|Categories: Motivation & Mindset|

Thanksgiving is usually about two things…giving thanks and stuffing yourself silly with delicious food. While being thankful is always something we support, overindulging can sometimes leave us with feelings of guilt and remorse. Going overboard on the holidays happens to the best of us, but if you binged a bit too much this Thanksgiving, here are 3 key post-thanksgiving tips [...]

Tips for Practicing Positivity

By |2019-11-19T21:15:43-08:00November 25th, 2019|Categories: Fitness & Exercise|

Having a positive attitude can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re going through a hard time. But maintaining an optimistic outlook can have many health benefits, including increased life span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of stress, better psychological and physical well-being, and better coping skills during hardships. Because of the many benefits positive thinking offers, it’s worth your [...]

Using Your Failures to Keep You Motivated

By |2019-11-17T13:56:57-08:00November 18th, 2019|Categories: Motivation & Mindset|

It seems like we have two options in life, either we succeed, or we fail. And when we fail at something we set out to do, most of us want to throw in the towel and never attempt to tackle it again. But maybe it’s time to rethink failure. Failure is an excellent learning tool that can provide a vantage [...]

Featured Bootique’er – Chloe

By |2019-11-18T16:28:19-08:00November 16th, 2019|Categories: Testimonials - Featured Clients|

Congratulations Miss November! We are proud to announce Chloe as our Featured Bootique'er! Chloe is the newest member of our Bootique trainer team. We thought this would be a great way for you to get to know more about her. What would you like people to know about you? It has been my dream to live in San Diego since [...]

5 Ways to Avoid the Thanksgiving Weight Gain

By |2019-10-19T13:32:14-07:00November 11th, 2019|Categories: Motivation & Mindset|

The statistics are scary. The average American gains 1-3 pounds over the holiday season. That may not seem like a lot, but considering the holidays only span a four-week period, that means you are packing on one pound a week and that can be hard to lose come the new year. But don’t despair! There are ways to enjoy your [...]

4 Reasons to Strength Train as You Age

By |2019-10-06T17:20:38-07:00October 28th, 2019|Categories: Fitness & Exercise|

Regular exercise is vital to health at any age, but it’s especially important as we get older and become more prone to joint and muscle injuries. Often, when people think of exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is aerobic training such as walking, running or cycling. While cardio exercise should be part of your healthy lifestyle, strength training [...]

Avoiding the Halloween Treat Temptations

By |2019-10-06T17:11:35-07:00October 21st, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

It officially feels like autumn and soon all the little ghosts and goblins will take to the streets for some festive fun. Halloween is such a fun time of year, but with the endless bags of candy in your face at every store, it also can be a challenging time of year to try and stick to your healthy diet. [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

By |2019-10-06T17:09:07-07:00October 14th, 2019|Categories: Motivation & Mindset|

With all the Instagram influencers out there with seemingly perfect bodies taking amazing vacations around the world, it can be really hard to break the habit of comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you are somehow “less than”. The truth is, those people don’t actually look like that in real life and comparing yourself to them or striving [...]

Best and Worst Produce for Nutrition

By |2019-09-15T17:19:54-07:00October 7th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

While including any fruits and veggies in your diet is better than none at all, there are some varieties that will give you the best nutritional bang for your buck. We’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the produce section to help you choose the best options for optimal health. Corn Like all vegetables, fresh corn contains no sodium [...]

Featured Bootique Client – Emily

By |2019-10-04T07:43:51-07:00October 3rd, 2019|Categories: Testimonials - Featured Clients|

Congratulations Miss October! We are proud to announce Emily as our Featured Bootique Client! A strong exercise enthusiast, Emily is great at getting to classes. She dove right into boot camp and dance fitness. Even though she travels a lot, I never have to worry about her attendance. I'm happy to see she's always on the schedule when she's in [...]