Post Workout Eats

You just completed an intense workout (mostly likely with Bootique!), and your body is calling for some sustenance. What is your body telling you to eat? A big bowl of pasta? Something heavy and filling? It’s better to prepare for your post workout meals and snacks than to wait until you are hungry; more opportunity for bad choices! Have you ever gone grocery shopping when you were really hungry or without a healthy shopping list? I bet your cart looks a lot different! Here are some tricks of the trade to follow after your hard work out!

Don’t Wait

Many times after a tough workout, we wait to eat anything. Maybe it’s an off time of day, or you don’t have anything on hand to grab that’s as healthy as you want. Make sure to keep some almonds, a low sugar protein bar, beef jerky, or some type of snack that you can keep in your car or purse/bag. If you wait too long, your blood sugar goes down, you feel faint; you’re depriving your body of the energy it needs! Again, planning is key. Keep your snacks available and a meal planned for later (lunch or dinner). Like to work out early? Have a banana with peanut butter or an aforementioned snack before you work out, and then have a protein packed healthy breakfast for later. Don’t deprive your body when it’s just had a great work out – replenish and reward!


Why is meal planning and prep important? To avoid the dreaded “chillin at the fridge” scenario! You’ve just worked out or had a busy day, and are not sure what to have for a meal or snack. So, you open the fridge and snack at everything. You’ve felt you’ve burned so many calories that you can eat whatever you want; but we know this isn’t the case. You want to burn more than you put in, so plan a meal or snack that’s already portioned and ready to eat – no need to chill and graze!


We all know how important water is to our bodies, but it’s even more important post work out. Your body has sweat, worked to its capacity, and needs not only refuel, but re-hydration. Always have a water bottle (or two) when you work out to replenish. Another water benefit? It’ll help you with hunger until you can get to a healthy meal option. Be mindful of replenishing with over sugared power drinks. They are a good option after, let’s say a half marathon, but after a daily workout, water is perfect.Try to drink water half hour to an hour before a work out as well to help prevent dehydration. Don’t ignore water even when it’s colder outside. With the colder temps it may not seem so appealing to drink lots of water, but your body needs it in any kind of weather. Drink up!

Not a very Happy Hour

We want to have balance in our lives, and even with work outs and eating right, we like to socialize with friends and coworkers for happy hour. Be careful after a workout not too overeat or over drink your calories! Eat one of those healthy snacks in the car on the way or before you get ready to meet up. That way, your mind and body will make the right choices. In other words, have a drink, just not 4. Have a small plate version of something rather than a few plates of everything. Enjoy in moderation!

Post work out eating is essential; we just want to be mindful of when we are fueling up our bodies and with what. Prepare for every hungry situation and keep that body fueled for your next workout!