Yes! There are more benefits to becoming a Veggie Head than you may think.

The important thing to consider when you are deciding to go vegetarian or vegan is setting your diet boundaries. Create a diet plan that works well for your lifestyle. Decide what foods you can and cannot have. The easiest transformation is to start out slowly. Begin by subbing two or three vegetarian meals into your week. From there it will be a swift transition to being completely vegetarian or vegan.

7 fabulous health benefits that you can expect to experience as a vegetarian.

Once you start to reap the benefits and feel the difference going back may not be as easy as you would imagine.

  • Reduces the risk of a heart attack/heart disease. Veggie diets are high in soluble fibers (oats, squash, carrots, dry beans, etc.) which lower cholesterol. Because this diet is so low in salt, naturally your blood pressure will lower. Which is great since high blood pressure is the main culprit when it comes to high blood pressure and hypertension. Potassium rich food found in fruits and vegetables (i.e. banana, cantaloupe, avocado, eggplant, bell peppers, spinach) can be credited with lowering blood pressure.
  • Control over diabetes and developing it.
  • Helps with the prevention of cancer. It is possible to prevent cancer with the regular consumption of fruits and veggies because these foods are full of cancer-protective phytochemicals.
  • Eliminates toxins within the body. It’s this simple: Meat and packaged/processed food contains toxins and Fruits and Veggies DON’T. As a vegetarian, organic foods replace foods containing chemicals that cause toxin buildup such as pesticides.
  • Better overall digestion. Meat and fish are difficult for a person to digest because they are heavier foods and require a lot of digestive energy. As a result, our digestive systems wear down and have a difficult eliminating body waste, possibly leading to intestinal and stomach cancer. Fruits and vegetables help aid in rapid digestion – enough said.

Overall, the benefits of becoming a Veggie Head are endless. From better skin and fewer internal toxins to minimizing the risk of suffering from obesity. Basically, by choosing to become a vegetarian/vegan, you are in for a longer life with less sick days along the way. Plus, there are so many more alternative to meat food choices and delicious vegetarian recipes available. You can still enjoy a large variety of interesting foods and flavors as a vegetarian. Experiment with one meal and see how you like it!

What are your favorite vegetarian/vegan dishes? Share with us in the comments section.