In the past year and a half, we’ve worked with over 1472 women in our Boot Camp classes! It’s been great – we’ve seen amazing transformations as bodies and lives change as women become healthier, fit and more confident.

Still, until now, we were not able to help women who wanted really specialized training  – without the cost of hiring us for personal training.

New Specialized Semi-Private Personal Training Groups in San Diego

This new program is perfect for women who:

  • Have a very specific focus they want to work on
  • Desire more personal attention from their trainer
  • Need a more affordable option than hiring a private trainer

Semi-private training holds you accountable for showing up to class and working hard from start to finish so that you can achieve the results you want. You will have a trainer to work closely with you to ensure your form is perfect in order to motivate you to push and give each exercise your all.

We have 2 programs available for the next 4 week session starting Oct 17th.

Advanced Glute Camp:

This class focuses on taking it to the next level. We will work with many fitness tools to keep class fun and interesting but most importantly to target those problem areas that seem to drive us all nuts: legs, thighs, and glutes. You will keep a Nutrition Journal to hold yourself accountable and reach your goals. In class we will discuss your journal and healthy options and meals one-on-one. Many women work so hard at the gym or in group classes but find themselves staring at the same number on the scale or their clothes fit no differently. These women are all here for the same reason as you – to shed the unwanted weight and tone up. I will also be offering a bonus running class once a week for Advanced Glute Camp members to get the extra cardio needed to lose the inches!

Correct Your LOW BACK PAIN: This class will focus on decreasing back pain, strengthening your core, and correcting your body’s alignment. Do you have chronic pain in your back? Sporadic back pain? Your trainer, Sarah Dubois, has Degenerative Disc Disease in her spine and has dealt with back pain since high school UNTIL coming to work with Bootique Fitness. She will teach you the right kinds strengthening exercises, stretches, and form to get and maintain a healthy back. This class will use a foam roller in every class so you will need to purchase your own. I promise you won’t want to be without it once you have it. Foam rolling, also called self-myofascial release is therapeutic. Think of it like having a personal deep tissue massage therapist. It combines the benefits of flexibility and massage to focus on tight low back muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps, all of which can be related to back pain. You will be in the company of other women who suffer similar pain as you and are looking to feel better!