You can do this High Intensity Cardio Interval Workout ANYWHERE!

With the simplicity of this bodyweight HIIT (high intensity interval workout), you are no longer restricted to machines or gyms to do your fat burning cardio circuits. All you need for this workout is an Interval Timer, 2 square feet of space and a lot of stamina!

This advanced cardio circuit is a 1-1 work-rest ratio. You will perform your high intensity exercise (squat jumps) for 30 seconds, followed by your lower intensity exercise (squats) for 30 seconds. You will repeat this circuit for the desired length of your workout.

We recommend 20 rounds!

Take water breaks as needed, just pause your timer. Or, you can follow along with our personal trainer, Fauntelle. She demonstrates 3 rounds, so feel free to rewind her and keep going!

You can also modify this workout to fit your fitness level. If this is too intense, lower the intensity of each exercise. Instead of squat jumps, do squats for your high intensity. Since squats are your high intensity, choose something less intense for your lighter intensity, for example: walk in place. Keep building up your fitness level by pushing yourself from where to are to higher intensity levels.

Don’t forget, warm-up before each workout and cool-down after. Look in our video library for examples of warm-ups and cool-downs.

Leave a comment and tell us how you did with this advanced cardio circuit!