Strengthening your core is an important part of being fit – but who are we trying to kid – it’s almost bathing suit season!

We’ve put together a 5 part series of quick additional workouts that target your abs. You can use these videos to supplement the work we’re doing in our boot camp and Zumba classes.

Sabrina, one of our amazing personal trainers, gives you 4 great ab exercises that will work your core in all directions. Repeat these 4 ab exercises for 15 reps each for 2 rounds. The whole thing will take just about 5 minutes. Remember to work slow and controlled through these movements and really focus on tightening your core.

We’re excited to share with you a new collection of boot camp style workouts that you can do at home or on the road – for those days you can’t make it to our class. You can do this one with just your body weight. Or, for an added challenge, find a small ball you can squeeze between your legs.

Ab Blaster #1

In just 5 minutes, we will show you how to strengthen and tighten your core – working towards the coveted flat stomach you want to show off this summer.

4 Exercises:

  1. slice
  2. double leg lower
  3. V-sit
  4. toe touch

As you get stronger, you will be able to do progress each of these exercises to the more advanced versions. Don’t forget to stretch out when you’re done!

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