We’ve put together a 5 part series of quick additional workouts that target your abs. You can use these videos to supplement the work we’re doing in our boot camp and Zumba classes.

Personal trainer, Sabrina Campbell, demonstrates how to do each exercise in this functional workout that targets your core and creates strong and lean abs.

This total body workout is a great one to fit in when you are short on time or you can add it to our other fitness videos for a more complete workout.

Ab Blaster #5 – Functional Abs

15 reps each exercise

Set 1:
Abs Exercise #1: Windmill
Abs Exercise #2: Controlled Break Dancer
Abs Exercise #3: Ice skater
Complete 3 rounds

Set 2:
Abs Exercise #1: Thread The Needle
Abs Exercise #2: Alternate Single Leg Lower
Abs Exercise #3: Heisman Jumps
Complete 3 rounds

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