We’ve put together a 5 part series of quick additional workouts that target your abs. You can use these videos to supplement the work we’re doing in our boot camp and Zumba classes.

Follow along with personal trainer, Sabrina Campbell, as she works through this fat blasting ab workout. Strong abs are important, but in order to see them, you’re going to have to burn off any extra body fat around your stomach. Combine with workout with a complete fitness program and supportive eating – and you’ll see your strong abs in no time!

Ab Blaster #4 – Fat Burning Abs

Time: 3 minutes

Set your timer for 60 seconds for the first ab strengthening exercise, and 30 seconds for the fat burning cardio exercise. You’ll do 4 exercises total for a 3 minute round. As your abs get stronger, challenge yourself by doing more rounds. Give yourself 30-60 seconds rest between rounds.

Ab Strengthening Exercise #1: Roll ups
Fat Burning Cardio Exercise #1: Burpee legs

Ab Strengthening Exercise #2: Slice
Fat Burning Cardio Exercise #2: Split jacks

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