Don’t you hate that feeling you get, late at night, after you’ve been really faithful to your healthy eating plan all day… the munchies!

If the munchies creep up on you like your childhood boogie man fears – I have the best weapon for you!

Your Toothbrush

When you want to avoid eating at night, brush your teeth! There are 2 great reasons this works.

1. You’ve gone through ‘all the trouble’ of brushing and flossing – getting yourself ready for bed. You’ll probably want to wash and moisturize your face, too – more ways to distract you from those cravings. Plus, you’re not going to want to have to brush your teeth again – right? So, it’s really not worth eating…

2. You have minty fresh breath now! And – you know how bad food taste just after brushing your teeth.

Try this simple tip. It works for me 99% of the time – it will work for you, too!