It’s time to get focused and get sexy!

The 3rd annual Spring Body Transformation Challenge begins on Feb 16th! When we did this transformation challenge last spring, our fabulous clients realized the amazing results they could achieve when they focused on making healthy food choices and prioritizing their workouts into their schedule.

Finally… get the body you’ve always wanted!

Changing the way your body looks is not always easy – but with the right program, support and accountability – you can make it easier on yourself! Our program is designed to help you every step of the way – from unlimited boot camps to fit your schedule and fitness level, private motivational and nutrition coaching, continuous success tips and accountability texts to a community of women who want to share and celebrate your experience with you.

Have you seen the testimonials on our success stories page? How about the amazing stories of our featured clients?  You could be up there too! It’s possible to lose up to 18 lbs in the next 2 months!

Plus, with the type of workouts we do – you’ll burn off fat and create lean, tone muscles that will look amazing and have you feeling great!

How does this 8 Week Sexy Slim Down transformation challenge work?

It’s simple really… We’ll give you all the tools you need: the progressive boot camp workouts, the accelerated fat loss meal plans, the motivation, accountability, knowledge and support. All you need to do is focus and commit!

You’ll come to at least 3 boot camps a week and complete 2-3 extra workouts we give you (or you can come to more of our boot camps and Zumba classes), follow the fat burning meal plans, focus on resetting your mind to allow your body to make a permanent change and take advantage of the support available when you need extra help!

We’ll do 3 body composition assessments for you – at the beginning, mid-point and end of the challenge. The top 3 girls with the greatest percentage change in weight body fat and measurements will win the top prizes. Extra points will be given for attendance, the more you attend class – the better your opportunity to win!

Need more motivation? How about Grand Prizes?

Who doesn’t love to win? For extra motivation to commit to this 8 Week Sexy Slim Down Body Transformation Challenge, we’ve created 3 top prizes you are eligible to win!. Keep your eyes on this blog in the next few weeks as we reveal the prizes you can win by participating in this challenge.

Need more reasons to join?

All Bootique Fitness boot camp members can join the challenge – free! This is included in your membership. Stay tuned as we reveal the top prizes and show you how to sign up.