Have you been eating healthy and training right, only to not see any progress on the scale or dropping of those inches? We know these weight loss strategies may sound weird, but hang on and we’ll explain why they can work. Try these unexpected strategies to see some changes!

Chocolate for Breakfast?

Sounds too good, or sweet, to be true right? If you have a sweet tooth or a candy craving, add some chocolate chips to your oatmeal, indulge in a chocolate protein smoothie, or experiment with a chocolate almond protein bar. Not only will this help with your cravings in a healthier way, but help you not to overeat or over indulge in sweets
later on!

Big Bites!

You may have always been told not to take big bites of your food growing up, but things have changed. Cutting up your food into bigger chunks will help you feel fuller faster, take longer to eat, and you will eat a lot less than usual. Even if you are eating a salad, veggies, or something else good for you, the chunkier, the better!

Use Green to Eat Green

Instead if sliding that credit or debit card for your food purchases, budget out and take cash out to use to buy groceries, snacks, or anything you need to eat on-the-go. Why cash? The more you pay attention to what kind of foods you are spending your money on, the less you will spend on food that is bad for you. Just like you pay attention to your calories, you want to pay attention to how you are spending on those calories.

Water Works

You are drinking water like you should, but instead of cold, try it warm. Some research shows that drinking a glass of warm or hot water before a meal can fill you up and make you feel fuller. This will automatically help you consume less food and is a good way to cut your portions without trying too hard.

Food Buddies

Eating in front of others, even strangers, can help you not only eat less but eat better! Research shows if you eat solo, you’re more likely to eat more and less likely to make healthier choices. Don’t have an eating buddy? Try eating lunch at a park bench, a cafe, or your lunch room at work.

The Blues

Sounds silly, but eating your meals on blue colored plates may help you eat less. Research shows that blue isn’t he most appetizing color, so eating off blue plates, having a blue tablecloth, or even blue napkins and other dinnerware will help you keep your portions in control.

Plan It Out Loud

Meal planning helps and is the key to eating well, but many times our bodies, and brains, can change and influence our food choices. After grocery shopping and figuring our your meals for the week, write down on a dry erase board or chalk board your exact meals you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner; every day of the week.

Track it

Instagram is the new way to “track” your food. Our Pale-E-Ro (personal trainer Rocio) is great at this!

Try taking pictures of what you eat everyday and log it. Going back to your pictures of meals can help you keep incredibly accountable. You may have thought you didn’t eat as much in a certain week, but pictures speak a thousand words and don’t lie!

Try these tips to help make healthy changes in your life. They may seem unusual, but making changes creates changes; in your body, mind, and soul. Be Happy and Healthy!