San Diego is one of the top five destination cities in America for vacation spots for families, couples and singles. There is so much to do and we San Diegans are so lucky to reside here! Last year, San Diego was voted the #1 Luckiest City in America due to considerations such as number of lottery winners that reside here. I would say San Diego is also one of the easier places to sustain a lucky and positive mindset, because of the weather, its beauty, and number of fun things to do. Here is the list to remind you not only of how wonderful you are, but also to give you different strategies to enhance your mood.

1. Start a daily morning ritual that begins with something positive for you. It could be brief meditation, a morning walk, writing down the wonderful things that are in your life or focusing on goals that you want to achieve.

2. Pay attention to positive people in your life. Have you ever been in a bad mood, and someone you don’t know walks by and says hello with a big smile on their face? This can be an instantaneous mood changer. Try to really listen when someone pays you a compliment, rather an brush it off. Pick people who really support your good endeavors and hang out with them more.

3. Monitor your mental state. What kind of thoughts are you having, and why are you having them? If your moods are veering from great to good to “meh,” you can do something about it. Getting outside or moving are two fantastic ways to change or maintain a positive state of mind.

4. Focus on what you want, whether it’s thinking about it, meditating on it, talking about it, writing it down or actually doing it, these are the ways that you will stay in the joyful state that you want for yourself.

5. Practice appreciation. Scientific research shows that people who are thankful have the following: stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, possess more positive emotions than negative emotions, are more generous, more compassionate and less lonely. Say and give thanks more.

6. Add energy to what you do: your walk, your talk, your smile, your exercise regimen, cleaning the the house, or listening to your family. Whether its the bounce your step or a cheery voice intonation, energy and enthusiasm are really infectious.

7. Love people. A wise person once said to me that even your enemy and the person you dislike has friends, so that person too is a friend and friendly to someone. Life is waaay more enjoyable when you enjoy people. Practice not being offended, annoyed, or judgmental towards your fellow human beings. Instead, look for a reason to like someone. Everyone has something likable about them.

The more you practice having a positive mindset, the more you will find yourself with one naturally. Then, life really gets good!