Do you ever meet someone who just exudes happiness? Happiness that is so infectious it spills out to everyone around them? Many people search their whole lives trying to unlock the secrets to achieve true happiness, but surprisingly, the answer to living a cheerful life might be right in front of you. Read on for some simple ideas to instantly give you a boost of happiness.

Stop comparing yourself to others

This may be easier said than done but comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to get you down. Just because someone looks perfect on the outside does not mean they don’t have their share of struggles. Next time you catch yourself feeling envious of someone else, switch that around and think about something you value about yourself instead.


Fake it ‘til you make it with this one. If you are smiling, it’s almost impossible to feel blue. Try it. The second you plaster that smile on your face, your endorphins perk up and during stressful situations, your heart rate goes down. Next time you are in rush hour traffic, try slapping a smile on your face…

…And turn up the music

Listening to upbeat music correlates with the improvement of one’s state of mind. Pump up the volume in your car or get your groove on at one of Bootique’s Dance Fitness Classes. The combination of awesome tunes and high intensity dance moves will have you feeling great.


Think about the last sweat session you had. I bet you felt like you could conquer the world by the end. That’s because exercise releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings and boost your mood. Next time you are feeling down, lace up your sneakers and get your fit on.

Cuddle with your fur ball

If you have a pet, this one will come as no surprise. Pets are always happy to see us when we come home and all they want from us in return is love. Snuggling up with your pet reduces stress and prevents feelings of loneliness. They are also great at being in tune with their owner’s moods, so they will be more than happy to have a cuddle session next time you are feeling blue.

Strike a Wonder Woman pose

Next time you need a happiness boost, strike a pose. Put your shoulders back, hands on hips, chin up and chest out. This move automatically relaxes any tension and boost confidence. Try holding this pose for two minutes each the morning for optimal results. It may sound silly, but this move will make you feel stronger and ready to face anything the day throws your way.

Shout out to Julie Ferneau for sharing this cute photo of her cuddling with her furry one. Too bad we don’t have a photo of her awesome superwoman pose. 🙂

What is your favorite quick tip for a boost of happiness?

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