Do you love feeling defeated? Does falling short of your goals appeal to you? Then here are six tips to ensure that working out is a chore you’ll always resent doing!

1. Set a ridiculous goal

To really get the most out of an exercise in futility, you have to make sure that the goal you set is completely unattainable. Try something like “lose 25 pounds in a month.” The more difficult and crazy you make your goal, the less likely you’ll be to make the kind of progress necessary to achieve it. It will definitely provide you with those feelings of frustration you crave.

2. Do workouts you hate

Exercise doesn’t have to be fun. It can be a total drag, just make pick a workout that you’re sure to not enjoy. Do you have a short attention span and love entertainment and variety? Then the treadmill sounds like a perfect place for you to suffer. Do you love being instructed by a caring, attentive teacher? Sign up for a big box gym and hop on some strange machines. Maybe the last person was using it right.

3. Don’t invest in yourself

Sure, a new pair of sneakers might give you support and not hurt your feet, but why replace your old ones? A dri-fit top with an inspirational message or that shows your personality might give you more confidence, but you could also just wear whatever. If you’d really like to drive home those feelings of negativity, make sure you don’t like how you look when you’re exercising.

4. Just wing it

Plans? Who needs ‘em! The best way to make sure that exercising is another checklist item to put off is to have only a vague idea of when, where, and how you’re going to exercise. Signing up for a class or marking your calendar would be way to easy. You like to make sure that everything else gets done first, and then you can exercise, maybe, if you get around to it.

5. Go it alone

All that working out in a group will give you is support, accountability, motivation, and companionship. The best way to make sure you have none of those things helping you is to do everything by yourself. You don’t want anyone to congratulate you on your progress or smile when you show up to class when you’re having a rough day. Having nobody to talk to while you work out ensures you’ll be completely focused on your frustration.

6. If at first you don’t succeed, give up

Make sure you’re making slower progress than you need to to get to your insane benchmarks. Then, when you fall short, declare the entire effort a waste of time. Reinforce the idea that you will never be able, and just go back to your old ways, safe in knowing you set yourself up for this feeling from the beginning.

Of course, we are kidding. At Bootique Fitness, we know you don’t want your fitness journey to be one filled with agony, which is why we teach you the opposite of all these things. We help you every step of the way, from coaching goal-setting, providing fun, efficient workouts, tons of resources and a community of supportive women with a great sense of humor :). Getting and staying fit is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be awful, and it shouldn’t be. Our testimonials say it all – results come when you find out the journey can be a fun and amazing process.