It’s just about that time to put in your summer vacation requests and start planning where you will escape to this time! Before pulling the trigger on a drinks included Cabo getaway or an expensive cruise line, stop and consider a fitness resort!

Yes yes, we know – vacation is supposed to be the time you can get away from salads and sprinting, but you always come back feeling stressed from all that overindulgence and end up having to work even harder than you did before to be able to fit into that swimsuit. What if you combined vacation with good health? Imagine how good that would feel?!

Guilt-Free Vacations!

Just because the vacation is focused towards health and exercise does not BY ANY MEANS require you to sweat away inside on a treadmill. From surf camps to hiking adventures to yoga retreats, there are plenty of exhilarating options to try.

1) Surf Retreats

Do you have any idea what the perfect waves, stellar views, meditation by the ocean, and some healthy cuisine could do for a mind and soul? Surf retreats vary by location and price tag but typically include morning and evening yoga, beautiful locations for meditation, home-cooked, vegetarian meals, and all inclusive access to all of the surfing gear you could ever need. Retreats such as the Surf Divas in Costa Rica are for women only and could be a great time for bonding or to even fly solo and still have an incredible time!

2) Hiking Adventures

If the water isn’t your thing, hit the trails – hiking retreats are the real way to reconnect with nature, carve your calves, and retreat from reality for a bit. Not even two hours away, the Eden Paradise Retreat in Julian offers cottage rentals with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and sunrises, nearby boat and bike rentals, horseback riding, and even hot springs to take a quick dip in the evening. Paradise and calorie burn? Yes, please!

3) Fitness Retreats

These are generally geared to straight butt-kicking. Fitness retreats usually are for the routine-minded in that a steady sweat schedule will be planned for you each day. You’re probably familiar with The Biggest Loser but did you know that there is a retreat location right up in Malibu? The Sonki Fitness Vacation in Maui offers a mix of outdoor excursions such as kayaking, snorkeling, waterfall hiking, surfing, and paddle boarding as well as high intensity workouts.

4) Yoga Retreats

When your regular yoga routine starts to drag, consider saluting the sun in a place like Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The Best Value Yoga Retreat starts at only $98 per night and includes two yoga classes per day, vegetarian cuisine, and some serious sun and relaxation. Massages can be booked in addition to your nightly rate.

5) All-In-One

Disclaimer: Wallet-Friendly!

The Best-Everything-At-Your-Fingertips Experience through Royal Carribbean Cruise lines is sure to blow your mind. It offers wave pools, zip lines, rock climbing walls, and mini golf sites in addition to basketball courts and of course, state of the art facilities. Their motto is “More is More.” The best part – they are running BOGO deals plus $100 for California residents. Not bad.

6) For the Non-Planner

If you’re not at all sure where you want to go but know that you just want to work out in general, keep The Fairmont and Westin hotels in mind – the Fairmont Fit program offers complimentary Reebox footwear and apparel, a fully loaded MP3 player, a yoga mat and a stretching band. The Westin has partnered up with New Balance to provide guests with a head to toe fitness wardrobe for their stay, exercise routines directly accessible through in-room TVs and even a stationary bike or treadmill in select rooms! Hotels also include state-of-the-art fitness centers and running maps for nearby trails!

All in all, it is no doubt that your body will feel better after seven days in the sun while staying active rather than pounding down margaritas while sun worshiping. If you put a little effort into the planning phases, you can find a stress-free, relatively cheap, and exhilarating vacation. What’s that, bikini? “Wear me?”

Have fun!