Work up that Workout!

You might be stuck in your normal workout routine and find yourself at a plateau; or you just aren’t feeling that you are getting as good of a workout anymore in the time you have.

How can you change this? Besides increasing time or overexerting yourself, there are better ways to change your workout to pump up the volume and the results.

5 Tips for a More Efficient Workout Routine


Learning some basic yoga moves and incorporating them into your workout routine will work some wonders. Lengthening and stretching your muscles, gaining flexibility, and strengthening your core will help lessen your chances of injury (or heal up more quickly). It’ll also help for a faster recovery time after a hard core workout. Implement a yoga class a couple times a week like, Bootique’s yoga classes, and reap the bennies!


When lifting or squatting with weights, don’t forget to use your legs! Practice leg strength with squats and lunges at first – then incorporate your weights. Refer to a trainer to get proper form and technique before you add that weight in. if you try using mostly, or only, your arms, it may result in injury from improper form. Remember those limbs are there to help with strength and stability!


No more machines! Body weight workout and added weights are where it’s at! Using your own body weight to do exercises (like the workouts at Bootique) can yield the same, or better, results than what you get with weights and machines. Bodyweight exercises are just going back to basics using functional movements. Boot camp workouts in San Diego are a great example of the efficiency of bodyweight exercises. Pushups, burpees, lunges, planks; the list goes on and on. With bodyweight workouts, there is a workout for everyone based on your own level! Whether you are dealing with an injury, need a modification or level of fitness, there’s something for everyone. There is also more opportunity to add reps, move quickly or slowly to make it more challenging, and increase the intensity level. Leave the machines at the gym.

HIIT me with your best shot!

Integrate the HIIT ASAP! Bootique is the pro at the HIIT (High -Intensity Interval Training); smaller time intervals with bigger intensity in the exercise. Why do a 90 minute workout with less energy exerted, when you can do a 30-45 minute session and get more bang for your buck? Don’t take our work for it, research shows that more intense workouts in shorter periods of time increases heart rate level to burn more calories. With less time spent on moving from machine to machine, or taking your time with the workout, (allowing your heart rate to drop), your heart rate can stay elevated; melting those pounds away quickly and efficiently!

Toy Box

Although your own body weight will hook you up with an intense workout, add extra weights and resistance to get an even better results! Kettlebells, free weights, dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands take up little room, and can be accessed right at home. Grab a corner of your bedroom or living room, set up your workout corner, and play! Make those squats a weighted squat with free weights or kettlebells, Leg lifts with a resistant band will double your pleasure, and sit ups with a medicine ball will get that core and those abs burning.

With the time we carve out to work out, make the most out of it! Not only will you see a different in how you look and how you feel, there will be no time wasted or any regrets from a workout session.