Tax returns make us all happy!

But have you ever really stopped to ask yourself, “Hmm what should I spend my tax return money on this year?” If not, well here’s a new idea for you: A great way to spend that extra money is on investing in yourself. By investing in yourself, I’m talking about spending money on things that make you a happy, healthy, all-around better person! Here are five ways to invest in yourself using your tax return money this year:

Use your tax return to invest in Your Fitness

1. Treat yourself to some new workout gear. Maybe it’s time you finally buy some new workout shoes. You can work out in technically almost anything, but try buying some clothing specifically made for sweating and working out in. You will feel all the difference in how cool and comfortable you remain even during the sweatiest exercise. Perhaps it’s time you buy a new sports bra with better support or a couple of different outfits so you aren’t forced to wash the same ones over and over for consecutive use.

2. Add some new additions to your kitchen. Stop dreaming about how life would be so much better with a juicer or VitaMix and actually go out and buy one! Maybe there’s a delicious new protein powder you’ve wanted to try. Buy some new cutlery or pots and pans if you are in need of some—anything that will motivate you to cook healthy, homemade meals versus eating out.

3. Update your workout playlists. Whether you use iTunes or CDs, music is always a wonderful thing to invest in because it is your forever and come on, who doesn’t love working out to music? Buy your favorite tunes that pump you up and create playlists to listen to before and/or during your workout.

4. Create a miniature home gym. Buy a yoga mat or some free weights for those days you can’t make it to boot camp or the gym. Try a foam roller to eliminate and prevent muscle knots and soreness. Resistance bands are also wonderful to use when exercising at home.

5. Finally purchase that membership. If you’ve been thinking about doing Zumba or boot camp classes for a while, now is your time! Committing to exercising through purchasing a membership is a great way to stay motivated and accountable in your fitness goals.