The early bird catches the worm, right? There are several articles and opinions on how the morning time can come into play in our weight loss; plugging in a few small changes in the morning can set you for the rest of your day! Think about it – not having to worry about cramming everything (working out, social/family time, and everything else!) into the P.M. Let’s take a look at some simple additions to the morning routine that can make each day a little easier and healthier!

Hit the Snooze!

Sounds good, right? Getting a little bit more sleep in the morning will help you feel less tired and more energized. We don’t want you to sleep right through the alarm and feel rushed in the morning, but getting a little bit more snooze time helps with waking up on the ”right” side of the bed. A little more sleep can help with metabolism and not negatively affecting hormones. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here Comes the Sun

Some research has shown that getting sunlight can help boost our metabolism and lower our BMI! Most believe it’s because we are synchronizing our “body clock”, which in turn tells our body to get going. Take a walk, even a quick one, outside in the late morning to get your energy up. Open the windows and let the sun come into your bedroom and/or work. Gloomy day? Get as much brightness as you can being outdoors and get some fresh air to get you going.

(Not Only) Protein Packed

Having a breakfast filled with a carb/protein combo with a healthy fat thrown in is the best way to get your energy and to satiate cravings! Greek yogurt with fruit, egg whites with veggies and wheat toast: switch it up so you don’t’ get bored; but just don’t skip out!

After the Mini Snooze…

Try a short workout or yoga sesh to get your blood pumping! Even if it’s a 20 minute DVD or a quick jog, sweating it out in the morning has its benefits. Boosting metabolism and keeping those cravings away, even just stretching or jumping jacks in place for 10 minutes is a great way to get your body moving. Pick a couple movements to start with and you’ll have a new morning routine before you know it!

The Midmorning Snack

So, you have had your protein packed breakfast and sweat it out a bit before your shower and getting your day started. It’s a couple hours into it and…you’re hungry again. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you, but it’s REAL hunger. Instead of making a run with coworkers downstairs for bagels, pack snacks! Try to stay true and clean when it comes to snacking. If the ingredients begin with sugar, that’s what the majority of the snack is, so skip it. Grab a high protein yogurt and banana at a convenience store, or a rice cake with some peanut butter. Fruit, some proteins, and healthy carbs are always available without the fuss. Bring carrots, almonds, and jerky – something to keep hunger at bay before lunchtime.

Be prepared by bringing these snacks with you to work, in the car when traveling back and forth, and at home. Always drink water to help with the hunger (as sometimes it’s really thirst and not hunger you’re feeling!).
Imagine making all these positive changes and making a difference to your health and fitness all before lunchtime!

Even if you’re a night owl, these are simple and effective ways to help you throughout the day so you make it to the p.m. without feeling horrible. Here’s to a good morning and a greater rest of your day!