The reason most people fail at losing weight in the New Year is because…

1. Unrealistic Goals. “Run a half marathon next month” or “Lose 40 lbs. by my sister’s wedding in 8 weeks”. Where is the time to plan? If it only took a few weeks, then we would be there already. These goals take time and your body needs time to get ready for the rest of your life! So you realize….

2. Unprepared. Sure you have a general idea that you want to lose weight. But you most likely do not have a game plan.

3. Unclear. You know you want to lose weight, be healthy, be more active, but you need to be specific in your goals. “I want to travel” and “I made a goal to go to Hawaii; I’ve been saving money every week, and researched the flights. I’m also talking to my boss to get the time off”. You see the difference?

4. Unsupported. Because the going WILL GET TOUGH and your support system is what will see you through to your goal. Support can consist of Bootique, friends, family, co-workers…the more people you share it with, the lighter the load you carry. You’ve been trying to lose weight and get in shape all by yourself and that’s a big reason why it hasn’t worked. No great accomplishment is done alone. Getting healthy is a long but fulfilling road; don’t travel it by yourself!

Yet, nearly 96% of all people who set weight loss goals for the New Year don’t know how much they want to lose. And if they can pinpoint a number they want to lose – they still don’t have a “turn by turn” game plan to get there. Frankly, I hate the idea of a “new year resolution”. That’s just way too much pressure on anyone. PLUS, the way I see it, you can do anything you want, anytime you want.

You don’t need to wait any longer. If you’re the type of person that I think you are, I’m willing to bet that you can do anything you put your mind to and you can do it whenever you want. Now, if when you want is now, then start now. Do it because you made the decision to do it and not because it’s January 1st.

You don’t have to FAIL with New Year’s Resolutions.

Use these 5 tips to achieve whatever goals you have.

1. Get to know you – Write down and discuss what your trigger situations are. Do you eat when you’re stressed? What time of day do you tend to snack and what are you eating? Social situations? Actually writing these down will help you plan for these situations in the near future.

2. Baby steps – These habits we have weren’t established overnight; neither will the unraveling of them. Making smaller goals with less of a time frame is easier to ascertain than, say, running a marathon in 6 months. If you can see yourself passing on sweets at work or not going through the drive through this week only, your confidence and results will outweigh your mental cravings.

3. Replace! – Speaking of passing on certain foods, where there’s an empty space, you need to replace! Going to pass on those cookies? Pick up a small piece of dark chocolate or piece of fruit. Feel like getting some fast food? Pick a place where you can order a fresh grilled chicken salad or brown rice with meat and veggies – just remember no sauce or on the side. You want to pass on the bad, but fill in with the good!

4. Slips – Part of this process includes moments of slips; but a slip doesn’t have to evolve into a relapse! A slip means you maybe ate something you know that was bad for you (or too much of something), or you skipped those couple workouts this week; but you get back to it. A relapse is making the same choices but then you DON’T get back to it – ever. You go back to the old habit. Remember the difference between the two, and you will always get back on the horse!

5. Be nice! – Be nice to yourself when you do slip! Negative self-talk will get you right back to where you started. If you were running or walking a race and fell down, would you go back to the start line and give up? Or would you get back up where you fell and keep going? I think the latter makes more sense. Dust yourself off without beating yourself up.

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