With the 4th of July holiday approaching, most of us are gearing up for our fun holiday plans. BBQ’s, fireworks, parties, the options are endless, but as with most of these big eating, drinking and partying holidays, we are focused on what we are doing, where we are going and what food we are bringing.

This year, I’d like for you to take a moment and think about what you are going to do for YOU. Beyond maybe sleeping in because you have the day off, how are you going to take care of yourself this holiday?

Remember, this day is about celebrating our independence! Let’s give thanks to those who make our freedoms available and take charge of our independence by taking care of our minds and bodies.

Work it out

Pick one thing you are going to do for exercise on the 4th. Maybe it’s taking a walk in the morning, or even hitting the gym early in the day. Do a quick Tabata workout before you head out for the day’s events. Take at least 15 minutes at some point in the day to give your body a boost. You can find great tabata workout videos we made on our blog right here.

Add something good

We know these holidays are usually all about eating, but we want you to pick one thing you are going to ADD to your eating for the day… but it needs to be something healthy. Maybe it’s a plate a raw veggies or salad before you dive into that hot dog. Or set a goal of drinking more water through the day. Most days we focus so much on what we can’t eat, try instead to focus on what you can add.

Apply, apply, apply

Sun safety is no joke and since many of us will spend the whole day out in the sun whether it’s at a BBQ or the beach, make sure you keep using that sunblock. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outside and then reapplied every two hours for optimal protection. For additional coverage, wear a wide brimmed hat or lounge under an umbrella to keep that gorgeous skin protected.

Drink up

Booze is usually part of the equation on these holidays, and that’s okay. Go ahead and indulge but do so responsibly. Drinking a glass of water between adult beverages will ensure you stay hydrated in the heat, but it will also pace out your alcohol, so you aren’t over-served.

Have fun

Enjoy this time with your friends and family. With our busy lives we don’t get to spend as much time with our loved ones as we would like, so it’s important to appreciate those rare occasions when we can get together and celebrate.

Question: What are your 4th of July holiday plans?