Every office has its unique dynamic.

However, one thing seems to always remain consistent no matter what office – the major diet downfalls that we are faced with on a daily basis. While it may be tempting to succumb to these temptations, it most likely will get in the way of your weight loss goals. Never fear, there are simple ways to get around the office goodies.

Big Bad Birthday Cake

If you work in a large office, it is always going to be someone’s birthday. Birthday cake is high in sugar, calories and fat. Yikes! Sometimes it may be difficult because your coworkers might comment on the fact that you are not eating, and try to sabotage your efforts trying to convince you to just take a bite, because one won’t hurt. The truth is, every bite, lick, or taste does count.

If it is your birthday, ask your boss for a fruit bowl and light cool whip. If it is someone else’s birthday cake, take a piece to your desk and throw it away. No one will know that you did not actually eat it! And you won’t have to deal with the comments from your coworkers. Or, forget about their comments and encourage others to join a healthy eating challenge!

Happy Hour

After long workday, you and your coworkers may want to blow off some steam by getting appetizers and drinks at a local restaurant. It can be great to socialize and unwind after work. However, doing happy hour does not always have to be the answer.

Taking a walk, hike, or bike-ride on the bay is very relaxing and you can socialize while doing so. Organize a group activity after work that will burn calories instead of pack on the pounds.

Pot Lucks

Along with birthdays every day of the year, there are many office occasions to have potlucks. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, a co-workers promotion – You name it! It is not a crime to brighten up your workday by having a potluck. It is a crime to subject your body to excessive amounts of fattening foods.

A few popular ways to makeover the potluck include salad bar potlucks, low-carb potlucks, and simply including a raw veggie tray. If you are in the typical potluck situation, just keep in mind what you can eat. You can focus on protein, vegetables, and fruit, while avoiding chips, bread, and dips.

Candy, Cookies, and Holiday Treats

While you may not always be able to say no to a bite of chocolate or piece of a Halloween candy, you can keep it at a minimum. One major practice of people who have successfully lost weight is to keep a food journal. Write down everything, even a bite of someone else’s cookie or a sip of someone’s champagne. Guess to your best knowledge how much you ate. A bite of an average cookie might be about ¼ of the cookie. If that cookie is 160 calories, then you had 40 calories most likely.

Add that to your journal, and don’t be tempted to keep going. Avoiding candy, cookies, and treats is always best, but writing everything down will keep you more honest with yourself. And keep you losing!

Out to Lunch

Do you bring your lunch to work? Do you go out to lunch? If you answered yes to the first question you are already on the right track. Bringing your lunch not only saves calories but saves money too!

Another benefit of bringing your lunch is that you will have time for yourself to relax, read, or take a quick walk. If you bring your lunch, you have control over what you eat, unlike when you go out to eat. Going out to eat does not have to be unhealthy, but you may have a more difficult time making good choices.

Incorporate some of these changes into your everyday work life and you will be surprised at how quickly it starts to help your weight loss efforts. Encourage others to join you in your efforts and it may start a healthy revolution at your office! And a healthier office can be a happier and more successful office.