Running can be a great exercise for cardio. It can help your endurance, conditioning, and increase your fitness level. Does this mean you need to run? Of course not.

Sometimes you don’t have time for a long run, you don’t like to run, or you need something different to mix up your workout routine. Here are some quick, high intensity, “can do anywhere” exercises that‘ll kick it up a notch!

The One…The Only…The Burpee!

Yes – the infamous Burpee. You may love them or hate them, or both; but one thing we cannot argue about this full body exercise is that it works. It’s a full body workout that’ll leave you feeling fatigued and worn out in the best way possible. With a tight core and doing these as fast as you can, you’ll be out of breath like you just did a mile run.

The Tuck

Tuck jumps are an endurance building workout you can do in your living room or anywhere you are! As you jump up, you try and get your knees as high as you can, touching your knees with your hands. With all these jumps, you’ll be sweating in no time. Try pairing up this in a Tabata or as a good warm up to your burpees!

Like a Kid Again…

With all these workout toys and accessories, don’t forget the most basic, efficient one: the jump rope! Yes, more jumping, but that just means your heart does more pumping! Grab a rope, even your kid’s if they have a long enough one, go to your yard or somewhere there isn’t anything to catch the rope on, and get to the jump! Feel uncoordinated? Try with just 5 jumps in a row and start over again. Put on some music and jump to the rhythm of it. As the days go by, try and beat your number each time. Soon you’ll be as competitive as you were when you were younger; and be healthier for it!

High knees

Another awesome “do anywhere, anytime” exercise that’ll run calories and tone like a sprint – high knees. The faster the better! Do a Tabata of these and mix it in with tuck jumps between sets. Do these as fast as you can for more results – if you are having trouble bringing your knees all the way up, try bum kicks instead. Either way, you are getting your heart rate up and building up those muscles.

Long jumps

Yes, you’ve been jumping around like crazy, but these long jumps will be working a different part of your legs – your hip flexor; and will help with overall power. Even if you are a runner, this exercise will improve your running, sprinting, or whichever run you are working on. If you aren’t a runner, this exercise will be a good measure of your power and overall fitness. This is another great exercise to do whenever, wherever – so get jumping!

Of course, running is a great cardiovascular workout and great for our heart and body. You are raising your heart rate and shedding extra fat. But, if you have an injury or you aren’t the biggest fan of running, these workouts and exercises will improve and enhance your athletic performance just like on a run. Also, with less time, more intensity, and easy transitions, these exercises can increase your fitness level and strength in less time then you spend on a long, flat ground or treadmill run. Research has shown more intense workouts in shorter periods of time increases heart rate level to burn more calories. With cardio and strength training combined into one, the Furious Five will keep you looking fit and fabulous!