When you work out intensely and eat supportively for your weight goals – you should experience noticeable results each week.

However, if you’ve been restricting your calories for a long time or if you have been sedentary for a long while, your body may not respond to your new fat burning habits right away. It’s likely that your metabolism needs a jump start!

Follow these easy steps and get your metabolism going.

1. Eat a solid breakfast, every single morning.

No exceptions. Believe it or not, when you skip out on breakfast your body freaks out and goes into starvation mode and slows down to save as much energy as possible. On that note, be sure to enjoy a healthy and substantial first meal of the day. Studies have shown that by skipping breakfast, the risk for obesity increases. Try having lean protein mixed with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

2. Sip on some green goodness.

Green tea contains a plant component called ECGC. This component encourages fat burning and all it takes is two to four cups a day. Let the tea steep for about three minutes and then try and drink it while it is hot.

3. Pump some iron into your body.

Iron carries oxygen to your muscles and as a woman, a lot of that necessary iron is lost during each monthly cycle. Without enough iron to deliver the oxygen to muscles, low energy and even lower metabolism starts to creep in. Be sure to load up on beans, leafy greens, and iron-fortified cereals, especially during that time of the month.

4. Just like at boot camp,

take your boring workout routine for a roller coaster ride. Bring on the intervals. Intervals stimulate fat burning and can vamp up an average workout routine. The wonderful thing about intervals is that they are versatile. Apply intervals to basically any type of work out and see maximum results.

5. Eight hours of sleep

may seem like a lot to ask, but it will make a world of difference when it comes to boosting that metabolic rate. By skipping out on a full nights rest, imbalances in leptin and ghrelin will occur. Leptin and ghrelin are important hormones that regulate your appetite and amount of energy. Multiple studies have shown that those who get less than 7.5 hours of sleep, have a higher body mass index in general.

Use these tips to rev your metabolism and boost your results!