We’ve talked about the best fitness tracker apps but since so many of our Bootique’ers are runners, we want to share these running apps with you too. New technology is endless and we can hardly keep up! Here are the latest and greatest running apps (in no particular order) for all runners from the newbies to the ultra-marathoners!

Best Running Apps

1) Runkeeper – With built in GPS, Runkeeper tracks your running route along with your speed, distance, and calories burned. Better yet, it can track fitness activity for many more activities than running including cycling, hiking, skiing, and swimming (waterproof case?)! Sync your results to your Runkeeper.com profile and link to your Facebook or Twitter as you please. Bonus – If you want to train for a 5K, 10K, or half or full marathon, Runkeeper’s got you covered. Cost – Free, Pro – $9.99; Windows, Iphone, Android

2) Endomondo – If you need motivation, this is your app! Endomondo personalizes workouts to your specific fitness and running goals. You will receive audio feedback each mile or km that you complete. There is a newsfeed that displays people who are exercising right now as well as workouts just completed, which will not only give you the motivation to get moving but also ideas for how to do so! This is a great app when you’re using the buddy system for fitness and weight loss: you can send personalized pep talks to your friends in real time, race against a friend’s time, and connect on Facebook. One more thing, you can search nearby running routes when you don’t feel like forging your own path! Not bad. Cost – Free; In App Purchases range from $0.99-$1.99; Operates on All Systems

3) Nike Running – Besides the given route, speed, and total time tracking, Nike Run is great in that it gives you personalized feedback while you’re running, notifies you of your average pace, and syncs in to Facebook to enable Facebook cheers! This means that everyone who “likes” the status on your FB that says you are currently on a run will automatically send a cheering send to you while you’re running. Talk about motivation! If you hit a slump, tap the “Powersongs” button and a head-banging, foot stomping song will kick on (you choose these ahead of time). Cost – Free; Iphone, Android

4) Zombies Run – Here’s to a different kind of motivation! There probably aren’t too many people who like being chased. That aspect of this app is extra incentive for those who get bored while running – it is FUN! You will be instructed accordingly when you need to speed up to put more distance between you and the zombies. This will be accompanied by the sound of their feet in your headphones! If you slow down, you might be risking humanity… Cost $3.99; Iphone, Android, Windows

5) MapMyRun – This is another great running app that has the opportunity to link up socially whether it’s to your E-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Once you’ve done this, you can enter into competitions that will actually win prizes as well as completing challenges! For an additional cost, you can receive customized training plans. The free version includes a training log to record duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned for each workout as well as route tracking. This app keeps it simple while giving you everything you truly need in a running app. Cost – Free, Training Plans $1.99 each; Iphone, Android

Join Ro for the Gaslamp Dine ‘N Dash 5K

Ro’s creating a group of runners for the Gaslamp Dine ‘N Dash 5K for July 3rd. She’s host group runs after the Mission Bay boot camp on Saturdays. These runs will start at 10 am. See details and join the event on Facebook.