Most of us are on a budget, and trying to figure out how to balance saving money and losing weight can seem like a daunting task, but there is good news! Not only is it possible, saving cash can actually help to shrink your waistline! When you think about it, eating and saving money are surprisingly very similar behaviors since both are about the competition between our desires and the consequences of our actions.

Here are 4 ways to put a little more green in your pocket while losing a few inches.

Out of sight, out of mind

Most of us keep our produce in those crisper drawers at the bottom of our refrigerator and if you are like me, you end up throwing away half of your fruits and veggies because you forgot they were in there. Not only is that wasting unnecessary funds, you are missing out on some essential nutrients. Instead, keep them visible and at the ready – in a fruit bowl on the counter, on top of your desk or cut up into portioned out containers in the fridge. That way, you can easily reach for a healthy snack next time you have the munchies.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and being prepared is the most important way to make sure you are eating healthy foods in the correct portions. Deciding your weekly menu and shopping in advance for only what is on that menu will arm you for success. This way you won’t wander the grocery store picking out anything that sounds good in the moment. If you stick to your list, you will be ensured to stay on track with your plan and not waste money on junk food that doesn’t fit into that plan. And while we are on the topic…

Eat a healthy snack before you hit the store

If you have ever shopped for groceries while hungry, you will know why this one is on the list. When we are hungry, we tend to go for the first thing we see regardless of if it’s nutritionally valuable or not. Making sure you have a clear idea of what you want to buy and not having a rumbly belly will help you to avoid the fattening temptations on those end caps that end up costing us more than just a few extra dollars.

Abs are made in the kitchen, so spend more time there

The saying is true. What you eat has a huge impact on how healthy your body is, and it starts in the kitchen. These days it’s so easy and convenient to grab take out or easier yet, have them deliver it to your door. But this convenience packs a wallop on your wallet and your waistline. Many restaurant meals easily top out at 1,000 to 1,500 calories, almost as much as you need in a day, and at $20 bucks or more a pop, it’s expensive. Instead, cooking dinner at home ensures you know exactly what is going into your body at a much lower price.