Just NOT Feelin’ It

I’m sure we can’t even keep track of how many times we have mentally been unmotivated to work out. Something came up during the day that made us stressed, we didn’t get the best night’s sleep, or for some reason, we just can’t seem to physically get ourselves there. Whatever the reason, let’s do some pre-planning for when these times come up. “I really regret working out” said no one ever!

Lighten Up

There are days where we do need to rest; your body will tell you. But when it’s your mind that’s taking over, what can we do? Tell yourself that you will just do a light, small workout; even if you’re at boot camp, Zumba, or the gym. Think in your head that you just need to get dressed and show up without putting too much pressure on performance. More times than not, you will find yourself automatically “going there”, pushing yourself, and feeling amazing afterward. Just telling yourself that you will show up and move your body will get you there physically – the rest will fall into place.

Do You Remember?

How did you feel after the last workout you did? Most likely, you felt like you conquered it, sweat a ton, and felt accomplished. Yes, you felt tired and exhausted at first, but you didn’t regret showing up. Write down how you felt after each workout and keep a journal or even post-its on hand. Once you read how you felt after that last workout, you thoughts will change into positive actions. We often have “exercise amnesia” and forget the good from the workout; only remembering the panting and sweating. Turn that into a good thing! The panting and sweating is getting you that much closer to your goals and becoming healthier by the drop! Writing all this down will help remind you during those “low drive” moments.

Putting It Out There

As we have said before, support and involving others in your fitness goals is key! If we could all do it alone, then we would all be where we want to be; all the time. That is not realistic. It’s ok to have help! In fact, it’s necessary. When you are feeling discouraged and unmotivated, turn to your people! Call or text a friend, join a Facebook or other social media page where everyone inspires, involves, and motivates each other. When you put it out there and not bottle it up, you will be surprised how much these supporters, even some of them strangers, will help you get in the mood to move. In turn, you don’t know who you will inspire and motivate as well.

For Those Who Can’t

Many of us have friends, family, co-workers, etc…who are physically unable to do some workouts that we are very able to do. They may even be part of your support team; cheering you on from the proverbial sidelines. Whoever the person is you have in mind, think of them when you get in this mindset. If they were able to, they would work out right along with you; this thought can push through what you’re feeling to get you out there and move. There are also many groups and organizations that pair you up with “workout” buddies; people you can work out for and who will cheer you on. Whoever the person is or whatever the reason (a cause you care about), can get you motivated very easily.

Take time to prepare for these situations when you ARE feeling it. Put all the positive and motivating feelings onto paper, rally up the group for support, and remember why you are getting up and showing up; then you will feel it!