Just Breathe

Sounds easy, because we already do it, right? But let’s start paying attention to it. We tend to hold our breath even when we don’t realize it; i.e. under stress and emotional situations. When we hold in our stress, other side effects manifest (lack of sleep, over and under eating, etc…). Take a deep breath, hold it in, and let it out slowly. Pay attention to your breath. Try deep breathing techniques and strategies for work and home. What a simple, effortless way to improve your physical and mental health!

Posture Makes Perfect

It’s time to re-learn how to walk, stand, and sit. I know we think: “Of course we know how to do this already” – just like breathing. We need to start being more aware of our everyday habits. Something may just not “sit” right! We aren’t made to sit all day like some of us do at work. Make time to take a walk, even a short one. Stand up and stretch if you’ve been sitting too long. When you do sit, make sure you are engaging your core and keeping your back straight. How does this improve our health? Our major joints and spine will thank us!

It’s All Good (Good food)

Let’s be aware of what we put in our bodies! We care about what we put on our face, skin, etc…, so let’s treat our bodies the same. Try and err on the side of natural, unprocessed foods. Replenish your body with the water that makes up about 60% of it. Think of these foods as the best skin product around; and in fact it is. Your outside will only look as good as your inside, so fill it with the good!

You’re #1 – Making yourself a priority

Don’t forget about you! Putting time and energy into ourselves makes us just that much healthier to be able to take care of other priorities in our lives. Pay attention to you – with little effort, you’ll see improvement in no time.