Getting fit and healthy might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s return to 4 basic tips for getting in great shape.

Lift and Lose

Incorporating weights into your workout will help you lose fat and build muscle mass. You will not bulk up, but you will get those toned arms and legs that you’ve always wanted. You will also maintain a higher resting metabolic rate keeping the calories burning long after you are done with your workout. Weights are good!

Cardio Cardio Cardio!

If running or cycling isn’t your thing, try short, high-intensity interval sets. Work for 60 seconds at 90 percent of your maximum capacity and then take a 60-second break. Repeat this 10 times and you will have accomplished a 20-minute, high intensity workout. This is perfect for those of you with busy schedules that can’t commit to a full 30-45 minute workout every day.

Spot Training Does Not Work

We all want killer abs, right? Right. But you can’t lose weight by only concentrating on one area of the body. The best way to burn calories is to work everything – upper body, lower body and your core. You can work just your abs all day, but if a layer of fat exists over those lovely abs, well, you get the drift.

Consistency Is Key

As always, the key is consistency. Whether it is a short, high intensity workout, a hike or a swim, you have to move every day to burn calories and see results. Once you are in the groove of doing something every day, it will get easier and easier to keep it up. In fact, when you do miss a day, you will feel like something is missing in your day. You will start seeing results and feeling the difference in no time.