One thing that’s always a sure thing in life is change. When life gets busy, it can be more difficult to pay attention to following a good meal plan. If you don’t design a strategy that you’ll follow through, it won’t work! The good news is, whichever strategy works for you is great! You have options, so pick the one that works for you. And if something comes up, don’t be afraid to try the others!

Sunday: Game Day Meal Prep

If you’re so busy during the week that even the thought of making a healthy lunch is giving you anxiety, you might be a Sunday meal prepper. You can go as big or little as you want with this Sunday routine, because you have more time for chopping, portioning, and pre-cooking things. Helpfully, lots of information online is geared toward the Sunday meal prep crew, with grocery lists and recipes available for every palate and nutrition plan. And when you’re done, all you have to do is heat up your food (or not) and eat it! All the time you spend on that one day will give you back a little bit on each weeknight.

Weekdays: Your Dinner Plus One

For some women, as beautiful as those Sunday meal prep Pinterest photos are, they could never imagine eating the same thing three days in a row, or squandering their precious weekend hours on “work.” If that’s you, you try prepping meals on weekdays. A simple way to do this is to add enough ingredients to your dinner to have one leftover serving for lunch—no extra time spent cooking, and a guaranteed healthy meal tomorrow. Just make sure you separate out the extra portion before you eat dinner, otherwise you or a family member might unknowingly help themselves to your lunch.

Make Your Own Days: Combination Plan

Don’t want to eat leftovers all week – but making dinner from scratch during the week take too long? Then, try a combination of the two. You can spend a little extra time on the weekend to chop and portion your raw ingredients that you cook on the weeknights. This way, you can enjoy a fresh meal every evening but it won’t take you quite as long to put the meal together.

No Days: Let’s Outsource This

Who says you have to cook to meal prep? Healthy meals can be made by other people, too. A friend or partner could take on this task, in exchange for your help with something they don’t love doing. The other dirty secret to clean eating is that you can pay for it. For a price, you can have healthy meals delivered, buy them frozen, or pick them up on your lunch date. The secret to outsourcing meal prep is in the “prep” part—have a plan in advance, don’t just wing it. Otherwise, it can be tempting to fall out of good habits.

No matter which way you get your nutrition organized, it takes a little time and effort to stay on track. Don’t make it harder by trying to follow someone else’s routine. Craft your own meal prep habits and see what sticks. Never be afraid to ask your Bootique Fitness trainers for nutrition advice, they’re your key resource for helping craft a sustainable plan that works for you.