Here are 4 quick everyday food switches for a healthier you. Enjoy!

Embrace the Blueberry!

Not only do blueberries have antioxidants, but they are packed with potassium, Vitamin C, and other anti-inflammatory traits. Switch dried fruits or sugary bars for blueberries (you can try purple grapes, cranberries, boysenberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, black currants, and cherries too), and you’ll see and feel the results!

Real Flavor!

Many of us are used to putting on salt, sauces, and other condiments onto our food out of habit. When you eat healthy and get used to fresh, unprocessed foods, you do not need to use anything else other than seasonings (pepper, garlic powder, etc…) Seasonings ENHANCE flavors in your food, instead of masking them like some condiments do. Switch out mayo or extra cheese for avocado (healthy fat), use hummus instead of extra ranch, use balsamic and oil instead of butter. These simple “switchouts” can cut back calories and you won’t even miss ‘em!


Our bodies are made up mostly of water; so why are we not giving ourselves enough of a refill? Water should be your main liquid of everyday, so ditch those sugary juices and sodas (even diets sodas which have unnatural and artificial flavors). When you get tired of plain water, add some fruit to make it taste different, such as: lemon, lime, berries, cucumbers, and green apples. Grab a water bottle that has a separate “cage” for your fruit, so that only the flavor will sneak into your water. Drink it in!

Go Green!

Salads seem like an easy way to get in some greens; and a quick, healthy meal instead of cooking. We are careful of what we put on top of our lettuce (i.e. creamy based dressings, croutons, and cheeses), but a quick replacement for even our lettuce is spinach or kale. Although lettuce contains Vitamin A and thiamin, spinach and kale offer twice as much of these in addition to other vitamins; more bang for your buck! Also, unlike lettuce, you can make spinach and kale into “chips” in the oven, and they blend well in a smoothie. Be green with a spinach or kale “switchout”!

Try this recipe from our friends at for an avocado and lemon marinated kale salad. Yum!


These are just some quick tips you can implement right away. Try just one or two of these at first, and in no time, you’ll be the berry/spice/water/green queen!