Wish you didn’t have to struggle every minute of every day about health and weight? Are you working so mentally and emotionally hard to get to your goals and end up frustrated? Here are a few ways to start living a healthy life in the moment, turning your bad habits into positive ways of life, and not wasting another minute stressing over your diet and exercise. Start to act and think healthy and you will be!

Don’t stress over your weight or clothing size

This is a tough one for many of us women. We step on the scale and our weight can fluctuate depending on the time of day, or month for that matter. When we see that number, regardless of what it says, we define ourselves by it! Same can go for clothing – we see we fit into a certain size and automatically only see ourselves as “this isn’t good enough” or “I USED to be THIS size”. Stop. This thinking will only make us feel bad about our bodies; self-love cannot grow where negative talk lives. Wear clothes, regardless of the size, that make you feel good, confident, and sexy. Weigh yourself only enough to check in and make sure you are on the right track, but not incessantly. Practice these thoughts and you’ll be on your way to the healthy mentally and less weight and size stress!

Listen to and trust your body

Our mind may play tricks on us, but our bodies don’t. Remember to listen to when your body is full (The Sigh!), when you need to rest, and when it’s time to be active! The more you walk, workout, and take care of your body, the more it’ll “tell” you when it’s time for these activities. Our bodies are made to get going and can only hold so much food before the uncomfortable feeling. Don’t ignore it! Once you get these signals down, the better communication and relationship you will have with your body.

No more trips to Guilt City

Did you eat one too many cookies the other day? Did you skip your workout because of something that came up? Just get back on track! No need to live in the past or beat yourself up. Part of this process includes moments of slips; but a slip doesn’t have to evolve into a relapse! A slip means you maybe ate something you know that was bad for you (or too much of something), or you skipped those couple workouts this week; but you get back to it. A relapse is making the same choices but then you DON’T get back to it – ever. You go back to the old habit. Remember the difference between the two, and you will never take a trip to this place again.

Live life!

Getting enjoyment out of experiences other than food and eating is the key. If food and meals is the only thing that brings us enjoyment, then we will be on a constant rollercoaster of weight gain and loss. Like to be social? Get friends together to go on walks, run, or better yet, Bootique personal group training classes or Zumba! Need to keep your hands busy? Keep a journal, read, or get into crafts and organizing that you have been putting off. Make a schedule of things to do on your own and/or with others that you will look forward to, and you’ll have to schedule your meals around your busy schedule!

Getting and keeping healthy is not a secret, but planning and practicing will take some time. Give yourself the greatest gift of mental and physical health with these suggestions. Soon you’ll wonder why you worried so much! Be Healthy !