At Bootique Fitness in San Diego, it’s all about the squad! You’ll come for the great workouts, and you’ll stay for the supportive, positive atmosphere. Our secret to helping you find success in our program is this fun group dynamic; not only does it mean our classes are welcoming and engaging, but it gives you all kinds of other benefits, too! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Motivation. When getting that last burpee in at outdoor boot camp seems impossible, or when the thought of one more fast-paced routine at cardio dance class is almost unthinkable, you can draw strength from the awesome women around you. You, your trainer and the others in your classes are in this together, and that camaraderie along with their words of encouragement creates a buzz of motivation that will keep you going strong through the end of your workout!
  • Variety. Not only is doing the exact same workout every day boring, but it will bring you to a fitness plateau. Your body craves variety as much as your brain does, so you’ll be hard-pressed to reach your fitness goals simply by spending half an hour on the elliptical every day. At Bootique, you have access to different kinds of group classes, including small group outdoor fitness training and dance fitness, and no two sessions are the same! Our trainers work hard to be creative and keep you on your toes, which both your mind and your body will appreciate.
  • Form. Our instructors are trained fitness experts who want to help you reach your goals in a safe way that’s right for your body. They’ll make sure your form is spot on so you get the maximum benefit from the exercises with minimal risk of injury. Never done a squat before? Have questions about exactly how to execute a set of mountain climbers? Your trainer is there to help!
  • Fun. Our classes are made up of a diverse group of women who share the common goal of being fit and having a great time in the process, so you’re sure to always leave with a smile on your face. If you’re new to the area, or simply want to make like-minded friends who are focused on fitness and fun, you’ll love the social aspect of being a member of the Bootique family.

Whether you’re a fitness novice or an exercise aficionado, whether you take boot camp in La Jolla or cardio dance in Mission Valley, you’ll feel welcome and at home in the group atmosphere of Bootique Fitness. We share encouragement and laughs at every class, so you can reach your fitness goals and have fun along the way. Join Bootique, and you’ll be a part of a network of San Diego women who want to help each other succeed! Take a look at our schedule to choose your first trial class, and see what the Bootique experience has to offer you.