Working out consistently?

Making healthy food choices?

… And that scale is not budging and those inches aren’t moving down like you want. What gives? Sometimes, we think we are doing all the right things and making all the right choices and the changes we want to see in our bodies is not happening. Let’s uncover the truth and make some small changes for big results!

Travel Bug

‘Tis the season for traveling; and where there is travel, there is jet lag. Make sure to keep up on your sleep when possible. We know traveling can mess up our eating and workout schedule as well. This is where you can really be prepared. Bring healthy nonperishable snacks with you: low sugar protein bars, carrots or your favorite veggies cut up, apples and nut butter, etc.. As always, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated whether flying up in the air, or traveling low on ground level.

The Good Weight!

Don’t skip out on that weight training! Many of us think that cardio is the one type of workout, on its own, that will melt those pounds away (i.e. running, aerobic activity etc.…). Cardio needs to be combined with some weight training to help build strong muscles; helps prevent injury, and will help give you that little extra your body needs to burn more calories! Lifting moderate to heavy weights raises our body’s hormone levels, giving our bodies the natural ability to burn fat for one full day after you work out!

No to Low Calories

Our first instinct with food is to go for those little to no calories to help with weight loss. Unfortunately, these foods normally replace their calories with sugar, fat, or extra sodium to make it taste better. These foods are “lighter” in calories, but heavy in other additives. Another bummer, it doesn’t fill us up enough, leading to eating more than we originally planned. Opt out for the fat free or sugar free versions of foods, and have a smaller portion of the real stuff.

Step Away

Many of us tend to snack in front of an open fridge; sometimes affectionately called grazing. Instead of picking something, cutting it up or preparing it, and sitting down to eat; this is all done right in front of the fridge. The problem with this is that is leads to overeating; we aren’t being mindful of what we are putting into our mouths. Just like with your normal work or school scheduled, you need to carve time out for snacking and healthy meals. The more aware we are of that we eat the better choices we can make.

Maybe one, or all, of these situations sounds familiar! Pick one to work on the next few weeks and see if there are any changes in your body and mindset. Make the most of this healthy path you are on! Make changes when needed and you will end up with the best surprise of all: health and happiness!