“Are we there yet?” – Remember how you used to say this a million times on your family road trips? Then… you learned about road trip games like in my house, license plates and of course – punch buggy! Having fun along the way is what makes the journey so great! Here are 3 tips for the road on your journey to health.

Fake it AND You’ll Make it

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it”. The “’til” in this sentence can still signify a lapse of so much time where you still “haven’t made it yet”, or “when will I ever make it?” Your journey to health itself IS making it! The actions to get there may seem “fake” at first (trying new workouts, meeting new people, getting comfortable in new environments), but just by coming and introducing it all into your life, you’ve started that journey! Sure, wearing new exercise gear, picking up athlete and health food magazines, and learning those new Zumba routines will be new, but not fake. Your head help higher, your glow, and your beautiful being are completely real. You’ve already made that new and healthier you.

Healthy Bond

Exercising in a group can help us with accountability, support, and confidence. 6am boot camp? Not a problem! When you know your new exercise buddies and trainer are there to work out with you, you’ll be motivated to show up. They will celebrate all your success (lost an inch on your waist? Passed up that fast food last night? YES!), and will be there for support even on the hard days. They will be the first to notice, and compliment!, your confidence from inside showing on the outside. These are your people! With any accomplishment, more than one person is involved. Don’t try to start or continue your journey alone! A good support system will keep you going and/or give you a jump start in a rut or plateau.

Health Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Even when someone hits their goal weight and size, or completes that race, healthy people still keep going! There may not be more weight to lose or a new size to drop to– but implementing, practicing, and continuing the journey that got them there, keeps them there! It becomes a lifestyle and maintenance of accomplishments. Do you ever see a marathon runner complete his/her race, and then say “Ok I’m done – I’m not running or working out anymore” or someone who lost weight and inches, and reached a healthy weight, only to say “Thank goodness that’s done – I’m going to stop working out and not eat right!!” ? You keep setting personal goals for yourself and your new journey to keep you on this healthy road. Unlike a race, our journey has more than one finish line.

If you have already started your journey, or just began, take a deep breath and smile. You have packed your bags, grabbed your friends, and are riding along in your new lifestyle; and only hitchhiker you’ll pick up is a more healthy and confident you.