Don’t Trick or Treat Your Way off Track

It’s that time of year again – Halloween kicks off the holiday season with cooler temperatures, warm clothes, and celebrations. Whether you want to look really good in that Halloween costume, or just try to maintain your healthy routine you established in the summer months, the following tips will “trick” you into good habits.


Not only is it the start of the holiday season, but candy season as well. You will be surrounded by Halloween candy at work, buying it for trick-or-treaters, or any sweet treats your family may bring home. How can you prevent yourself from sitting in a pile of wrappers? Buying candy for your trick or treaters that you aren’t fond of is a good way to not snack on your candy. Are you a chocoholic? Buy fruit flavored candies. Are you into every candy type? Wait as long as possible to get candy and have a family member or friend keep them out of sight until Halloween night. Extras? Probably not. But if so, leave them out on the porch; some straggling trick or treaters will snatch them up. For an extra buffer, make some healthy treats to curb your cravings! Try roasting your pumpkins seeds with some sea salt or for something sweet, chocolate covered fruit. It’s ok to indulge in a small piece of candy, but use these tips to deter you from the candy’s bewitching ways.

Dead Man’s Party

Off to a Halloween party? Great! Don’t show up empty handed and bring something healthy to share. This will guarantee healthy options and help eliminate temptations of unhealthy snacks. Still having a hard time resisting? Make sure you have a drink on hand – water, or a low calorie drink, to help that hand-to-mouth ritual. There is no need to starve yourself either! If your healthy treats are gone and you are feeling famished, make a plate with the healthiest options serving small portions. Anything with garlic will be nice to keep those vampires at bay…

The Dark Night

The days are shorter and nights, longer. For some of us, this can be an excuse for not working out, or we are feeling more like zombies than an energized person. It may seem difficult at first, but lay out your workout clothes and shoes, and try the A.M. workout. Whether it’s a DVD, Bootique videos, or better yet, an early morning Bootique class, get your morning started right! Try just 2 mornings a week, and increase from there. Morning still a struggle? Keep workout clothes and shoes in your car at all times, and change into them right away after work, school, etc…This way, if at home or outdoors, there is no excuse to get in a good workout. Ask a friend to meet you as it will create accountability. Wear bright clothes, reflective gear, and even a headlamp for a safe outdoor workout for a healthy evening and not a spooky one!

Halloween is a fun time to decorate, dress-up, and have fun. Enjoy this kickoff to the holiday season without falling off your healthy lifestyle track. Prepare yourself with these tips, and say “RIP” to weight gain or unhealthy choices. Happy Halloween!