Losing weight really comes down to making small changes –> consistently. Here are 3 small and simple ways to ‘trick’ your body into losing weight easier.

1. Treat your veggies like the MVPs that they are!

A simple trick to sneaking more veggies into your diet is to treat them like a star. No, we don’t mean gazing at them from far, far away. Get excited about your favorite vegetables like you’re about to meet your favorite actor! If you place them front and center, you can use the other food groups as sides or compliments to your meal. Choose a few of your favorite vegetables and run a Google search for the best recipes. You’ll be so stoked to enjoy that glorious asparagus you took the time to season and bake that you might not even care about that extra scoop of potatoes.

2. When in doubt, drink water. When not in doubt, still drink water.

Many people confuse feelings of thirst with feelings of hunger because the same part of the brain controls both of these sensations. The next time you feel hungry, try drinking water before preparing a snack. Wait a little bit and if you still feel hungry, go for something nutritious. If you are legitimately hungry, drinking water before your meal will also help you feel full faster so you’re less likely to overeat.

3. Meal prep because those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

Meal preparation can be such a lifesaver when balancing a busy schedule. We recommend choosing two days per week for meal prep so that you can space it out a little. Doing this will decrease the likelihood of your foods spoiling towards the end of the week and will also make the task seem less overwhelming.

Meal prep steps:

  1. Write down a list of healthy meals you can see yourself looking forward to throughout the week.
  2. Create a separate list of all the ingredients and then do a pantry-check to see what you already have in stock.
  3. Go shopping! It’s also helpful to stock up on Tupperware.
  4. Start with the more time consuming ingredients first – bake you chicken, prepare your salad dressings, and then move on to the easier things like chopping veggies and steaming brown rice.
  5. Portion out everything into meal containers and zip-bags. Make sure everything is ready to grab from your fridge and throw in your lunch bag.

Having your meal preps and ready to go will help prevent you from splurging on pizza and noshing on cookies in the lunchroom at work. You won’t want to let those nutritious foods you prepared to go to waste! Plus, with portioned serving sizes, you’ll be less likely to overeat.

We hope you can use these tips to make healthier choices and feel good about your body!