In January, gym memberships always spike. But that fact is that you don’t need high end equipment to be in the best shape of your life. The gym may work for some, but there are many reasons why it isn’t the best investment for your health and fitness goals.

1. Fees Above The Monthly Membership

Most gyms reel you in with a reasonable monthly rate but that doesn’t usually give you access to everything. You have to pay more for class packages and even more for premium group classes or one-on-one training with a staff member. Add on ticky-tack items like using a locker, renting yoga mats, towels or even parking costs; the gym has exceeded its seemingly low monthly cost and drained your budget

2. Susceptible To Injury

Most people aren’t experts on workout equipment; without a skilled trainer around watching and guiding you during your workout, you are at high risk for an injury. Even those who work out frequently are still likely to forget their form during fatigue and get sprain, strain or even pull a major muscle

3. Machines Can Hinder Your Work Out

Gyms stock large isolation machines and cardio machines to make their services seem more valuable. And while they are not bad to use, machines shouldn’t be your only form of fitness training; These machines limit your movement, flexibility and the natural motions our bodies make.

4. Dude-Bros Are At The Gym

Yes this breed of surfer-California-bodybuilder is a frequenter of gyms and can be seen in large cut off shirts, heard grunting in the weight room and chugging a protein shake in the lobby. You aren’t a dude-bro, why would you work out like one?

5. No Professional Trainer Included To Help You

At Bootique Fitness, you’ll have the benefit of a professional fitness trainer with you every step of the way – available for you both in and outside of class to help you, guide you, support you and celebrate your successes! If you haven’t tried our boot camps or Zumba classes, today is the day to take that first step. You will enter a social community of driven women, get a release from the day’s stress and have fun while getting fit. We make workouts geared towards you. Ladies, calisthenics works wonders! That is – using your body to work out your body. And it is our goal that you reach yours! Our women only boot camps will get you results – safely and FAST – in a really fun enviroment!