Check out the hottest new ‘must-haves’ for fitness ladies! They are all available directly through us and can be purchased at class (lucky you)!

Interval Timer App (free)

These nifty little timers are perfect for those of you who do High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata workouts. It is small, convenient, and repeats intervals according to your workout routine. An Interval Timer app will help you control the intensity of your workout and let you focus on what is most important at the same time.

Instead of trying to look at your watch when your working out, use an interval timer app and spend your focus on burning those calories.

Resistance Bands ($12)

Use these inexpensive and easy to carry bad boys anytime, anywhere to shed a few extra unwanted pounds. They are especially convenient when you travel.

They allow you to train your body and strengthen your muscles from every angle. The great thing about resistance bands is that they work your abs no matter how you decide to use them. So burn fat, tone your body, and strengthen your muscles with a resistance band. Resistance Band Wednesday won’t be very fun without these so be sure to grab one asap. (Available in light and medium resistance.)

Whey Protein Powder

As an active woman, it is so important to put quality protein into your body. Protein helps you build lean muscles which boosts your metabolism to burn more calories and it helps your muscles recover so you can get back to your next strong workout!