Many women find themselves in the same boat – we want to lose weight and get fit, but we don’t know where or how to start; so we just sort of jump into workouts or food choices we have heard are “good for us”. Instead of starting on the outside in (ok, I‘m going to start running tomorrow and also eat all vegetables and no carbs!), let’s start on the inside and work our way out (mental and cognitive change – “I deserve to be fit and healthy, but I need help and support”).

Whatever You Think, You Are Right

Meaning, whatever words and phrases you tell yourself, even if it’s not out loud, you will believe it. If you speak to yourself in a negative tone or discouraging way, you will stay there. What id a friend, family, or co-worker spoke to you the way you sometimes speak to yourself? How would you respond? Think of this when you wake up tomorrow and begin a new chapter. “I deserve to be healthy. I am just as worthy as the healthiest and fittest person in the room”. The more you practice these positive phrases, the closer you will be to the best version of yourself!

No more “Losing”

Weight Loss. You lost it? You can’t find it? We don’t want to find it again! Reframe your mind to think of losing weight as “letting go” or “liberating” yourself of this weight that is serving no purpose to your body or soul. Look forward to what you can let go of along with the weight: feeling lazy or unmotivated, anger and sadness about your fitness, and the feeling of not being authentic to your true self. Remember that you aren’t losing, you are finding yourself.


No – not those annoying ‘mean girls’ with pom pons.

Surround your self with positive people and support systems on your journey to health; these people can also help you change your thoughts and vision for yourself. What better way to help yourself begin than with people there to hold your hand; figuratively and literally. “You’re doing great! I’m so proud of you!”. Have you said these things to yourself? Before you know it, the phrases you hear from your support system, will turn into your new internal talk.

Rally up your support group, believe in the truth of who you really are, and remind yourself everyday of the not only the physical, but emotional weight you will release yourself of. Often times, the hardest part of the start to a healthy life is the belief in yourself and capability. Once that journey has begun, the “outside” will be the easiest exterior to shed. When you start on the inside and work your way out on your journey to health, the experience and result will only be that much better…and last a lifetime.