Establish these good habits now and enjoy healthy eating forever!

1. Love Your Food

Don’t just love the way it tastes, but love the way it’s made. Make food preparation fun and high-spirited. Put LOVE into it. Take your time to buy fresh and wholesome foods. Prepare your ingredients and cook them, knowing they are going into your body and maybe other bodies (your friends and loved ones). Foods made in this way will taste much better and usually end up being healthier than if you are in a bad mood or unhappy place. Put love into your food and your body will love you right back!

2. Create a Setting for the Body and Soul

Make your kitchen and eating area a happy loving place. Place fresh flowers or herbs in your kitchen or at the dinner table. Play some good music while cooking your meals. Surround yourself with good food and good people. Our emotions and feelings can affect our digestion, so be sure to set yourself up with good mood food and a high energy environment!

3. Give Time and Thanks

Remember to appreciate what you have and those around you. Give thanks to your friends and family who are there to share meals with. Take your time to really look at, smell, and taste the food you eat. Chew each bite slowly and savor the flavors you’ve created. Not only is this good for you physiologically (digestion), but will help you to not eat too quickly (which can lead to over eating).

Begin these new habits today, and they will lead you to a “forever healthy” relationship with food.