Ready to rev up your routine and kick your weight loss into high gear? Here are three simple things you can incorporate into your next workout to help you get to the next level.

Including weight or resistance training in your routine

This one is a biggie. Women tend to avoid using weights when working out because they are worried about bulking up. The truth is, just the opposite will happen! Weight training helps women develop muscle definition and strength without the size. Plus, building lean muscle gives your metabolism a boost since muscle tissue burns more calories – even at rest – then fat does. Weight lifting also makes bones stronger and denser which can help prevent degenerative disease such as osteoporosis. That’s why we encourage women to safely lift weights in our outdoor boot camps for women. 

Pump up the volume

Listening to music while working out distracts athletes from pain and fatigue, increasing endurance and making them less aware of their bodily exertion. Humans are hard wired to appreciate music and studies show the right tempo and speed get the brain excited which induces movement in the listener. A great beat can help you keep the pace, so put those listening skills to good use and try out Bootique’s Dance Fitness Party! High intensity dancing has been found to burn between 350-650 calories an hour. Feel tired and worried you can’t make it through your workout? Music also helps us to escape negativity so you can power through. Now that’s a win, win.

Get competitive

A recent study compared different ways that fitness routines motivate people to work out and found that competition was a far stronger motivator than just support from a friend. Think about it. Are you more motivated to go out of your way to get those extra steps when you get a “you can do it” text from a neighbor? Or when you are in a Fitbit weekend warrior challenge? Bootique’s group fitness classes are excellent settings for this friendly competition. Each person’s activity raises the bar for everyone else and encourages folks to keep moving. Putting yourself out there, believing in yourself and giving it your all encourages others to step up and do the same which helps keep the momentum going. Encouragement in the form of competition greatly enhances the likelihood of everyone’s success.

Just a little change to your daily routine can make a big difference. By constantly challenging yourself to do things you never thought possible, your confidence will grow while your waistline shrinks.