With all your family and friends over, you may have trouble fitting in a complete workout this weekend. Still, you can do a few targeted exercises for your abs to work on flattening your stomach. Feeling your stomach tight after doing these exercises will be a good reminder not to overdo it at the dinner table, right?

Quick Boot Camp Workout For Your Abs

In this video, San Diego Boot Camp Instructor Sarah, demonstrates how to do these 3 ab exercises. Watch her and then do 3 sets of 15 reps of each exercise. This is only take a couple of minutes – so do it now! Really focus on those abs and make them work for you. Make them feel a little sore so that they remind you what you’ve been working for when it comes time to load your plate.

Boot Camp Exercise for the Abs #1: Low/med/high abs
Boot Camp Exercise for the Abs #2: Penguins
Boot Camp Exercise for the Abs #3: Side plank dips

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